2021 Kitchen Faucet Trends

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2021 Kitchen Faucet Trends


1. Touch & Touchless Options

There are many kitchen trends, and many of them involve touch and touchless faucets. The pandemic has increased demand from homeowners who want to keep germs at bay in their homes. Some people argue about which type is better for kitchen use, but both types work well as long as you maintain them. You can turn on faucets with a wave of your hand or by using voice commands. Kohler and Moen now sell faucets that allow you to activate different parts of the faucet with voice commands, such as “handwashing mode.”


2. Spray Options

Several manufacturers have announced improvements to spray power and spray type for kitchen faucets. Over the last year, a few kitchen faucets have been released with new options such as an aerated stream, sweeping, or boosting spray, which saves your hands from washing dishes. Having the ability to customize how your faucet works is a functional trend that is here to stay.


3. Two-Tone Faucets

People enjoy customizing their kitchens and mixing and matching different finishes. Mixing metals makes a kitchen more trend-proof because popular finishes for light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and plumbing fixtures can easily be replaced with less popular ones. Mixing two different finishes on a kitchen faucet is a popular kitchen trend.


4. Sleek Pull-Down Sprayers

Most modern faucets have a button that allows you to quickly turn the water on and off. Manufacturers design many different styles, sleek designs, improved function, and ease of use with older people in mind. A pull-down or pull-out faucet extends out over the sink, making it easier to reach and use.


5. Water Filter Faucets

A faucet water filter is a type of water filter that attaches to your faucet and provides filtered water on a continuous basis. It could be used in the kitchen. They are frequently used in kitchens to free up counter space. Installing a water filter in the kitchen faucet is a wise decision. We can see it becoming more common. This not only improves the quality of drinkable tap water but also helps to prevent limescale buildup in and around the faucet (as well as the sink).



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