6 Organizing Rules That Work In Every Room

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6 Organizing Rules That Work In Every Room

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Getting your home organized is a wonderful feeling, but deciding where to begin can be difficult. Keep it easy by focusing on these 6 organizing principles, which can be applied to any room, at any time.

1. Make Them Findable

When it comes to getting things organized. When you want to see the contents at a glance, clear containers are best, and open baskets will corral loose objects while still allowing you to look inside.

If you’re using containers that aren’t translucent, make sure to clearly mark them or go a step further and label each one with a picture of the contents.


2. Make It Easy To Put Away

When you need something, you need to get it out regardless of where it is- but when it comes time to clean up, we all get a little lazy. This is especially critical when it comes to children’s products, but it is a rule that we can all learn from.

Using easy-to-access containers, baskets, and hampers, clear filing systems, and wall hooks for commonly used products to maximize the probability of stuff being placed back in its place.


3.  Subdivide

Drawers that are left open invite clutter. Using a drawer organizer if you have a drawer where you’ll be storing small objects. Cutlery in the kitchen, office supplies in the desk, tiny and useful household objects in the junk drawer, and everyday necessities (like phone, wallet, keys) in a drawer by the front door.


4. Group By Task

Note this when arranging your belongings and keep everything you’ll need to complete a mission together.

Create a box for meds, another for extra office supplies, a third for holiday cookie cutters and sprinkles, and so on. For storing small objects, labelled shoebox-size boxes, containers, or baskets work well.


5. Take It Vertical

Instead of going vertical, avoid this organizing nightmare. Using shelf risers to expand cabinet space, vertical holders to store sheet pans and trays, and wall-mounted holders to keep brooms and mops from tipping over.

When you go for something at the bottom of a stack, what happens? That’s right, it falls over. Keep that in mind when going vertical.


6. Find The Right Container

Take precautions by selecting the appropriate storage container for the job. Photographs and paper memorabilia should be contained in acid-free containers or albums, while textiles should be placed in breathable storage boxes or bags.

It’s heartbreaking to discover that some of the most valuable possessions like old family photos, or a family heirloom — have been destroyed due to insufficient storage.


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