Bathroom Organization 101

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Bathroom Organization 101

The washroom is so regularly a mess of half-utilized containers of toothpaste, shower items, and untidy cosmetics. An organized bathroom is always more relaxing and less stressful. Compare a bathroom where shampoo bottles and soaps are constantly falling on your feet to a shower where all the products you need are neatly arranged in a caddy and easy to access… Here are a few basic systems to keep yourself organized.

1. Store Only the Necessities Especially the Shower

Be real about which products you actually use on a daily basis, and limit yourself to storing these items in the shower. Things like scrubs and masks can be stored in any overflow storage instead. The key to making this work long-term is to remember to remove those special products as soon as you’ve used them and to put them away where they belong.


2. Use Bins/Dividers to Organize Undersinks/Vanities

There are so many items that can get lost in those cluttered bathroom drawers! Drawer dividers help to give everything a “home” and make it much quicker and easier to find what you’re looking for. Store similar items together so you know where to find everything.

You could also use sturdy storage bins. Look for plastic bins that can handle a little water without getting damaged, and designate a different bin for each category of items you need to store.


3. Assigned Caddies or Shelves

Having a Divider/Caddy For Each Family Member. Having a caddy is such a help – Everything is all in one place and it’s quick and easy to clean up. Further–– designate one shelf for each member of the household to store his or her daily essentials, can really help with clutter. The clearer you can be about defining the physical limits of your storage space, the easier it will be for everyone to get, and keep organized.


4. Keeping a Laundry Hamper Accessible

Having a laundry bin in the bathroom specifically for wet and dirty towels makes it quicker to clean up and way easier to do laundry! If a hamper won’t fit there, then find the closest available place: just outside the door or on the floor of a nearby hall closet.


5. Hang Towels From Hooks Instead of Towel Bars

It’s much easier to hang up bath towels on a hook than it is to hang them on a towel bar.  Plus, it allows the towel to dry better.  Save the towel bars for hand towels and get some hooks for everyone to hang their towels on – If you don’t want to mount anything to the wall or don’t have space, try using over the door hooks.


6. Labeling Your Things

Labels make it easier to find what you’re looking for and, even more importantly, where to put it back. If you don’t want to use these labels, you can use a label maker, vinyl cutter, chalkboard labels, or even just a Sharpie.


7. Tidy, and Make It a Habit

Tidying up the bathroom daily is key to maintaining a sane, clutter-free space. The easiest way to develop the habit is to mix it into something you already do frequently — like brushing your teeth. As you brush your teeth, make a quick scan of the sink and shower, and toss any empties into the trash or recycling bin. As soon as you’re done brushing, put away any products that have been left out on the counter, and bring items that don’t belong there. The most important thing is, making it a habit– ensuring less clutter means organization.


Want to go even further to keep your bathroom extremely tidy? How about designing a bathroom that makes your bathroom easy to clean. Check our “Designing an Easy to Clean Bathroom” Blog.


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