Room Colours, and How It Affects Behaviour.

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Room Colours, and How It Affects Behaviour.

A guide from Trilogy Contracting, Home Renovators in Langley, BC.

Believe it or not, colour can excite, soothe, heal, or inspire. And even more apparent for children, who can be extra sensitive to colour and its impact. But everyone is obviously different. There are many ways scientists have learned the way colour influences our minds and bodies– and we are here to show you a few colours and how they generally make you feel.



Blue can decrease the feeling of anxiety and even aggression. Making blue have a subtle calming factor. Children who experience tantrums may benefit from such colours in their room. This has the opposite effect that Red would have.



Red can energize the body, and excite the mind. Increasing heart and breathing rates studies show. Though, some research suggests that too much exposure to red can encourage aggressive behavior and bring down focus. Making Red the perfect foil to Blue. Red works are great as an accent.



Green is a natural colour, with its obvious connections to nature. Which can create a soothing environment. Studies show that green can improve children’s reading comprehension. So there is no reason you wouldn’t use green in your line up of paints!



Yellow is usually associated with feelings of happiness, which is why the common happy face is often yellow. Yellow envois cheerfulness, happiness as well as motivation. Softer yellows can also show signs of aided concentration, while brighter ones can add in an increase of memory. Studies show though, that large doses of yellow can create feelings of agitation and even anger.



Orange is one of the most misunderstood colours in the paint family. Studies show that Orange can encourage independence, encourage confidence, inspire communication, and even cooperation! This warm, friendly, and youthful colour are fantastic when used in the right place, and in the right manner!



Purple is ambitious and self-assured. Which is why it’s often associated with royalty. But it’s also a colour of passion, wisdom, and creativity. It’s a deep colour, and it’s great when used correctly.



Although it’s usually typical in a more girly type space. Pink has a unique calming feel to it, that can translate to both sexes. In children, they can grow out of this particular colour. Which is why it’s always good to pair it with something neutral.



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