The October Home ‘To-Do’ Check List

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The October Home ‘To-Do’ Check List

October is usually a time of transition. Get your home ready for the season ahead by ticking off these to-dos, from adding cozy layers to scheduling necessary maintenance.


Here are some things to check off your list:


#1: Check Safety Devices

Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors; replace batteries as needed. Check the expiration date on your fire extinguisher and replace if needed as well. It’s always important to keep on such devices for your safety.


#2: Changing Up To Warmer Layers

Have you felt that first nip in the air yet? When you do, think about swapping out lighter-weight bedding for heavier sheets and fluffier duvets. Bring added warmth to the other rooms in your house with throws and pillows in rich fabrics like wool, or velvet. Thicker area rugs and curtains not only feel cozier, but they also can actually help your home feel warmer — Being prepared for the cold can majorly effect the winter, which can cut down on your energy bills if played right.


#3: Clean Any Leather Furniture

It’s important to know whether your leather furniture has a finish before treating it with any products, so check labels or look up the item on the retailer’s or manufacturer’s website before you begin.

  • For protected leather (also called semianiline or pigmented), you can make your own cleaning solution by adding a few drops of mild non detergent soap to distilled water, or use a commercial leather cleaning product. Apply with a microfiber cloth if handy.
  • For unprotected leather (also called aniline), less is more when it comes to cleaning: Wipe with a clean, dry cloth or one slightly dampened with distilled water.


#4: Remove Window AC Units

If you use window air-conditioning units, now is the time to either remove them or cover them outside with protective insulation. Removing the units is the better option because this will allow you to close the windows, minimizing any reoccurring winter heat loss. If you choose to leave them in over the winter, be sure to pick up good insulating covers made for this purpose and securely attach them outside. There are pros and cons to each, but pick one that makes the most sense for you.


#5: Add New or Replace Any Weatherstripping

Newer double-pane windows may not need weatherstripping, but it will help most older windows retain heat and stop drafts. Check areas with previously applied weatherstripping and remove or replace as needed. This will prevent any in coming winter season drafts that could negatively effect your heat bill.


#6: Inspect The Roof & Gutters

Giving these areas a quick visual inspection now is a good idea. Pull out any sticks or other debris blocking the gutters, and make note of any worn-out seals around vent pipes and chimneys. If you do not feel comfortable on a ladder, or have a home of two or more stories, hire someone to do a quick inspection for you. The sooner you do this, the better you will be prepared for any foreseeable damage or mishaps.


#7: Schedule Chimney And Furnace Maintenance

Make sure your fireplace and heating system are clean, safe and ready to go by having a pro look at them now. Having your chimney cleaned will also ensure that you don’t try to start a fire when an animal family (or an old nest) is inside. And if you don’t have a chimney cap yet, speak with your chimney sweep about adding a one. The metal cap with screened sides can prevent critters from getting in and helps protect your roof from burning embers.


#8: Washer And Dryer Maintenance

Cleaning out the dryer vents can be a job you do yourself, but if you don’t feel comfortable doing so (or if you’ve been putting it off), you may want to hire a pro to do washer and dryer maintenance for you. Washing-machine hoses need to be replaced from time to time, and a cracked hose can cause a leak — which can mean costly damage to your home. Clean dryer vents and hoses will help your machine work more efficiently and reduce the risk of fire.


#9: Order Firewood

Whether you use a wood stove for actual warmth or just for coziness, now is a good time to order a delivery of firewood. This way, when you won’t find yourself out of it when you want it most!


Tell us: What’s on your to-do list for October?


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