Helping Realtors® get Increased Sale Values

As experts on home sales trends, experienced Realtors® understand the value of eye-appeal in the sales process. Homes, which need work, tend to consume a considerable amount of time and effort, frustrating home buyers you may be working with as well as the home owners you are attempting to help. Nevertheless, no matter how long you have been involved in the real estate industry, homes requiring attention, or “fixer-uppers”, are a typical challenge in any Realtor’s® career.

Pre and Post Sales Strategies

  • Quickly mobilize to meet with your clients during their viewings.
  • Provide a real-time estimate for project planning and budgeting.
  • Support client with technical information to make an informed offer.
  • Deliver overall assessment for important repairs.
  • Ensure the crucial and highest return repairs are prioritized.
  • Assist with setting a budget for maximum returns.

Trilogy Contracting

We are committed to surpassing the expectations of our commercial clients.