5 Home Trends with Lasting Power

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5 Home Trends with Lasting Power

Looking back on previous generations home renovations years ago can maybe make you cringe with the choices. You might even ask “What were we thinking?” But we can do our best to prevent that feeling! By renovating something with lasting power…

Here are some lasting home designs, that can stand the test of time.


1. White Elegant Kitchens

One of the most common colours that most people associate with the kitchen is white. The white cabinets, the countertops, and the backsplashes. White always feels fresh and timely, due to its elegant feel. Contrast white with any darker colours, or a quality wood– and you’ll create a kitchen that will almost never go out of style.


2. Calm Contemporary Style

This goes for every room, piggybacking from the white elegant kitchens. If you look back to older photos with flashy colours, bold patterns. You can tell they are out of date, or even jarring. But if you take a look at some that have a more calm minimalist style, it might be easy to confuse them with a newer style. This tends to be because minimalism tends to have a longer life. Using a reserved mindset for the use of colours, lines, and materials, shows the power of simplicity.

Think of it as spa colours in a way– using a soft colour palette, clean, simple, and contemporary. And you’ll be relaxing in your lasting designed rooms for ages.


3. Shades of Blue, Grey & Cream

Color is a tricky thing in home design, especially bold, bright, wild, and hot colours. Nothing goes in and out of popularity as fast as vibrant colour. Back in the 2010s for example, there seemed to be a craze for green and purple — and even used together, if you can believe it. These days you don’t see much of either, but that will probably change in a year or two.

Few colours have held their popularity over the last decade quite like blue, grey, and cream. A room with well-synchronized hues such as this palette is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to be in. Creating a soft and sophisticated look that travels well across styles and decades.


4. Traditional-Style Bathrooms

When it comes to the bathroom. Traditional can mean everything. Homeowners that are seeking a relaxing, long-lasting style, you can’t go wrong with sticking to the traditional materials and finishes.

Traditional style bathrooms are classic in design, feeling more like a soothing spa oasis, with an aesthetic of elegant hues and super luxurious touches… These styles are timeless, clean-lined, cool, and very classic, creating a beautiful aesthetic that you will enjoy for years to come


5. Functional Storage

Sometimes function can always edge out design. A dedicated, hardworking storage area can make a huge difference in how you enjoy a space. Taking the time to ensure everything is placed in the right way– having a space that keeps you organized will keep you happy.

Remember function storage isn’t just for kitchens. Bathrooms, Landry rooms, bedrooms, and entryways can also benefit from dedicated storage solutions. Showing that you provide a place for everything never goes out of style if it has a function.


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