5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A General Contractor

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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A General Contractor

While do-it-yourself projects are great for small things. Taking on a large renovation on your own can prove to be stressful or even overwhelming for someone without the proper skillset and tools.

Homebuilding and renovation is an industry where turning to professionals is almost always the right call, here is why:


1. You ensure proper licensing & insurance for the job.

The General Contractor will have appropriate liability insurance and workers compensation insurance to reduce exposure to risk should something unfortunate happen. Homeowners’ insurance may not offer sufficient protection during a construction project.


2. You don’t need to deal with the unexpected.

Part of the cost of hiring the general contractor is the additional knowledge and service they bring to the table. If all you’re doing is replacing your roof shingles for instance. OR changing the carpeting in the house, a general contractor will provide little value. For larger and more complex projects, the general contractor will earn his wage by providing that important value through knowledge and experience, project management, and after completion through the warranty period.


3. They have a network of subcontractors if you don’t.

General contractors with experience in the industry have very likely built up a solid team of experienced subcontractors that would have been unavailable to you otherwise. Their team of subs is one they trust to provide the best work possible and already have a working relationship.


4. They can provide the right comprehensive warranties.

The General Contractor should be offering a comprehensive warranty of a least one year. If a pipe should leak, the General Contractor will fix the pipe, repair the drywall, and repaint the area. If you’ve acted as your own general contractor, you will probably need to call the plumber, who will hopefully come back and repair the pipe. But, you’ll be left with a whole to fix and a wall to repaint at your own cost.


5. Finally, you get that hands-off peace of mind.

Hiring a reputable General Contractor can offer you peace of mind in knowing that your project was completed with the highest degree of quality.


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