Shower Curtains VS Shower Glass Doors

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Shower Curtains VS Shower Glass Doors

There are many benefits to having either a shower curtain or a glass door. Sometimes we don’t have the budget or space to decide which. But in some cases, we have the luxury of an open choice depending on the situation and the bathroom.

Today we are here to look at the pros, to help you decide which direction best suits you, and your budget. We’ll find out which option is the ideal partner for your shower-bath combo.


Shower Curtains

They can add a unique touch.

It’s easy to change the waterproof fabric into anything we want at will. Along with that, it can be replaced with any style on the market. Be I bold, colorful, a print of some kind, or something simple.

It’s an injection of our personality, displaying a little bit about ourselves (if you wanted to of course.) All with a minimum amount of effort, fuss, and expense depending on the curtain.

They create a soft and simple aesthetic.

Shower curtains are simple, and something pretty and frilly– backed with a water-resistant liner can soften the look in your bathroom. Making it an easy way to create an overall easy and pretty environment to walk into. Your bathroom is important, so making it a place you’d like to stay all day in is a win– and putting a pretty shower curtain could do just that.

Ensure that you home wash the fabric so it doesn’t partake in any mildew or staining, and you’re good to go.

The opportunity to change a clawfoot tub into a shower-tub.

A normal clawfoot tub bath with a shower is no easy feat. You have to deal with water spills and splashes. Don’t want to deal with that? It’s easy to get a custom ceiling-mounted rail and get yourself a waterproof shower curtain. And just like that, you have converted your clawfoot tub into a fancy shower-tub.


Shower Glass Doors

They can offer great utility

On the odd chance, you need to deal with any sloping ceilings, odd angles, or those tricky recesses. Getting a glass door can easily accommodate any of those strange situations, by ordering a custom shower panel for instance– making it the perfect solution worth considering when encountering any non-standard heights!

It’s a full enclosure

Sliding panels of glass are a good option where you don’t need to fear about water escaping the bath or shower, as the sliding doors fully enclose the tub. Ensuring you don’t need to worry about water wreaking havoc on your bathroom floor, preventing any water damage scares from your mind!

There is an array of options

With a shower curtain, you generally only have one style of entry. You need to pull the curtain to one side, step right tin, and then pull it again to close. With glass doors, you have the luxury to have several other choices. You can choose among various door types such as– sliding, folding, and hinged glass door types.

It’s simple, and visually ‘expand’ your space.

With a clear glass door, you can see right through it– but you can use that to your advantage by leveling up your tiling. Got cool graphic tiles you want people to see when you walk in? Put it behind the glass door. Not only that, but in a purely visual style– having a transparent glass door, ‘expands’ the look of the bathroom, making it appear a lot bigger to do the fact that a shower curtain isn’t blocking off the rest of the bathroom and visually shrinking the room.



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