5 Kitchen Island Ideas To Consider

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5 Kitchen Island Ideas To Consider

It’s where everyone gathers to cook, talk, and eat. More so, Kitchen islands have a lot to offer in terms of adding storage and work surface and creating better traffic flow. It can be a spot to store pots and pans, food, and other kitchen gadgets; plus, it can provide more surface area for cooking or working, or a spot for a quick bite to eat.

But while having an island is common, the design of islands can be anything. The following kitchens show some cool things you might want to consider for your next island.



If you have space–  a dual sink can add massive utility to your cooking repertoire. One could be used for prepping meals, while the other could be used for doing the dishes—plus there’s also cabinetry underneath for easy storage.

Benefits? A dual sink allows you to accomplish many everyday kitchen jobs with ease and efficiency. Let potatoes soak on one side while filling up a pot on the other. On a busy weekday evening, defrost a ready-made meal and clean the breakfast dishes simultaneously.



Don’t overlook the benefit of installing kitchen island electrical outlets in your kitchen island. This can make a multitude of meal preparation tasks a breeze by utilizing the outlets for your kitchen gadgets!

Think of the possibilities. We are so connected these days to technology and having kitchen island outlets just for charging your devices is almost a must!

*Cool Idea: Why not install a laptop storage space on your island? Add a slim shelf below the countertop for storing laptops and outlets at the back to recharge the laptops.



From containing meal-prep to hiding a mess, a multi-level kitchen island provides the benefit of a counter area complete with a backsplash. A taller island section can also offer bar-height seating for guests. And with ample storage space beneath!

An elevated island also– just splits up the piece so that one can be used for cleaning or cooking and the other can be used for dining.



Who doesn’t like a bit of extra storage?  Especially if it’s hidden, that way it doesn’t clutter up visually. In every kitchen, there are ways to create hidden storage in unused spaces, like this island recycling center. And clever storage like this makes your kitchen function better, and increases the value of your home twofold!



If your an avid food lover and chef in the kitchen. You may want to consider even just integrating a dedicated space ON your kitchen island for it. Why not incorporate a butcher’s block into your kitchen island, and level up your kitchen!

This wood material mixes well with many other countertop materials, especially marble– and it’s a soft material that’s easy on your glassware, dishes, and kitchen gadgets!



Before you take on your kitchen renovation, or any home improvement project, be it DIY or with a professional contractor, do your research and make sure you know what you’re getting into. The more you know, the smarter decision you’ll be able to make, the better result you’ll get.

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