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When you’re spending so much time at home. Why not do something productive with your living space if you’re going to be stuck there for awhile?

These pesky home projects can be anything you no longer have an excuse for putting off—from giving your space a good cleaning to taking action on some fun ideas that you’ve been kicking around for when you always had excuses!

Quick decluttering projects can be a good way to break up this new stay-home routine. Here are some straightforward decluttering projects that should bring some satisfaction and a fresh perspective this month.

1– Organize Your Closet

It’s a hefty task, but it’s better late than never. Here is a quick guide:

1) Gather Your Materials. Before you open the closet doors, find a few trash bags or bins to help you sort.

2) Pull Everything Out. The bed is the logical place to gather clothes as you pull them out of your closet. Dump everything on there. The two basic piles you’re going to make are for clothes to throw out and clothes to donate.

3) Clean Your Closet. Now that your closet is completely empty, wipe down the shelves, closet rod, walls, and baseboards.

4) Go Through Your Clothes. Remember those two piles? It’s Time to go through every one.

5) Wrap it Up. Take your bags out and get them on their way. Put your donation clothes right into the car so you don’t just leave them sitting around. Put everything you kept back in the closet and Bob’s your uncle!


Under the Kitchen Sink.

Since the space under your kitchen sink is small and contained the best way to approach this mission is to empty everything out of there.

That means getting rid of trash and items you never use, putting items away that do not belong there, and then finally, removing excess and duplicates until what you’ve got in the space can easily fit.


Purge And Organize the Freezer

The first thing you probably need to do is take inventory. Write down everything that you have, and make sure you date it. Throw out anything that is very very old, or things you probably won’t ever bake.

Our best tip we can offer is to create zones for your freezer. Putting items into their own categories or putting labels on them ensures easy access, and easy organization for the future.


Clean Up Sock and Underwear Drawer.

Many people get new socks and underwear without eliminating existing ones, resulting in very overstuffed drawers. Now is a good time to make space in your drawers by removing anything worn-out or old. A lot of people even forget to throw out their old socks that are missing their mates!


Clean Out Your Junk Drawers.

Yes, the dreaded junk drawer. It’s there looming in your house like an ever-growing monster. Take everything out of the drawer. Be realistic about how or if you use every item and then purge, purge, purge. Once you’ve purged, begin to sort and group similar items in piles.

Upkeep is crucial, so go through your junk drawer and regularly purge to make space for new items as much as possible. You might want to do a quick 5 to 10-minute clutter sweep of your junk drawer on a weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis!

In these unpredictable times, we truly wish that boredom become your only challenge. So let’s get being productive!





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